I can add another podium position to my results. First place at the third Heartland Series race at Trenton, MO.
I was the only Beginner Woman, so I raced against myself, the heat: 90 degrees, 11 miles of dirt and rocks and technical problems. My bike had shifting problems and turned by the end of lap one into a singlespeed bike....
Good news, I am leading the Heartland Race Series by points in my class and with only one race left on July 1st, I cannot be reached anymore, YEAH!!!

18 miles TT
My longest high effort TT/ride/race. It took me just under one hour to finish.
It was hard, but I kept pushing, for parts against the wind, for parts with the wind, until I finally crossed the finish line:)

32 mile Road Race
Same day, just three hours and a short nap later. I should have known better and not ride, but I am stubborn. I lost the pack shortly after the start and that made for a lonely race.
Me against the road, the hills, the wind, the pain, my thoughts of giving up...

But I made it and I finished:)

MTB Doubler

My MTB double race weekend wasn't actually as hard as I thought.

Well the Saturday race, wasn't my best performance, but lucky me, still made second.

Sunday, I raced in Independence, MO and fought myself through the mud onto the 1st podium spot...yeah!

Both race results were good enough to ensure that I am leading in both race series.

This is a first: a double XC Race weekend!
Saturday: Lewis&Clark in Council Bluffs and
Sunday: Landahl, KS

We will see, how I will do....more later

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