race results

7. April Tranquility Tire Tantrum (XC) Psycowpath Beginner Women 2nd
3. May Crocodile Rock (XC) HMBCS Beginner Women 1st
6. May Camp Ingawanis (XC), Waverly, IA Beginner Women 2nd
12.May Platte River Battle Royale 6 Hours Marathon Women Open 3rd
20.May Swanson River Shootout (XC) Beginner Women 1st
2. June Lewis&Clark Kanesvile Krusher (XC) Beginner Women 2nd
3. June Kansas City Cup, Independence, MO (XC) Beginner Women 1st
16. June Crank 'n' Cruise, Trenton, MO (XC) Beginner Women 1st


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