Manawa made me nervous this morning and I was right about that!

We had the biggest beginner women's class yet, which was really cool. I think, we were 7 or 8.
They started us with the Clydesdale's and Stephanie was right there in front with me behind her.

One of the girls from Lincoln, think her name is also Stephanie passed me as well. Wow, that will be a fast race...
We met all up again at the first log crossing. It's a big one. I can't ride it and the other girls didn't ride it either. We made it through the next obstacles, some ridden, some walked, until, we came up to this pretty big log that has a rock in front and behind of it to help you ride over it. I had practiced riding that one this week and hit that thing at least 6 times. Well, I hit it today, crossed it and then I don't know what happened, but I went over the handled over the handlebars and kissed the dirt....ouch! I also landed on my bike.
It took me a a moment to recover from that and by then, I was almost LAST. W H A T ?????
There was one more straight ahead and I got passed again. Heilige Scheisse!!
Entering the next more technical section, which is marked as blue and very windy, I decided, I decided it was time to get back what I lost and switched my bike into battle-mode.
I put my bike into the big chain ring and put the pedal to the medal.
And over the rest of the race, I did what I planned to do: passing one by one...
A lot of the girls are beginner racers. In very good shape and fast, but a little bit inexperienced when it comes to picking a line on those "swirly" trails in Manawa. Well, good for me, because, I do:)
So, by the time, we crossed the street, I had all but three. No. 3, I actually ran down on the flat stretch (my HR at 183). I could tell, that this was Marc's doing again, because only with his training, was I able to do that.
Back into the swirly trails and I pushed even harder because, I could see the first two, just 30, maybe 20 seconds ahead of me.
I tried so hard to hunt them down and I almost had them twice but they got away again. I don't don't why. Maybe my riding got sloppy. Then in the last minute, they built that stupid 180 degree turn in the trail and I wasn't prepared for that and had to put a foot down. The trail there was very rough and even though I tried to sprint up to catch the two but there was no way to reach them in time. I came through the finish line just a few seconds later...

Third Place. Not bad considering that I came back from the dead...
Good news. Stephanie, the girl that won last time made only second. She got beat by a friend of Daryl. She is a Triathlete. Good for her.
As for the points. I am still leading by over 20 points in the overall standing.

Since Landahl rained out, did Martin and I decide to do the MetrO! MTB Challenge
No points, just for fun. So instead of raising beginner, I signed up for sport. Two laps.
One rider in my class Cindy McNeill. She is fast. Rides with her husband all the time.
Start goes OK. Little cue up on the first roots and then I let her pass. She is faster and I don't have the "spark" today to fight. I just want to get through those two laps. Without technical problems and without physical problems. I slow the pace down enough, so I can keep it up. I have gotten faster and it is easier to keep a faster pace.
By the end of the second lap, I ride up to Cindy who had pulled over and turns out had a flat. I tried to fix it for her but it didn't work. I offered her my bike but she wouldn't take it, so I rode off, not feeling too happy about me leaving her behind when I see Kevin ride back to find her to deliver a new bike. A few moment later and she is back on track...
By that time, I am putting my after burners on, chain on the big chain ring and I am going for it...
and I win...yeah!
Afterwards, Martin asked me how it went and I said, karma helped me win this race. I did something good and karma gave me back and let me win!! Thanks...

I can add another podium position to my results. First place at the third Heartland Series race at Trenton, MO.
I was the only Beginner Woman, so I raced against myself, the heat: 90 degrees, 11 miles of dirt and rocks and technical problems. My bike had shifting problems and turned by the end of lap one into a singlespeed bike....
Good news, I am leading the Heartland Race Series by points in my class and with only one race left on July 1st, I cannot be reached anymore, YEAH!!!

18 miles TT
My longest high effort TT/ride/race. It took me just under one hour to finish.
It was hard, but I kept pushing, for parts against the wind, for parts with the wind, until I finally crossed the finish line:)

32 mile Road Race
Same day, just three hours and a short nap later. I should have known better and not ride, but I am stubborn. I lost the pack shortly after the start and that made for a lonely race.
Me against the road, the hills, the wind, the pain, my thoughts of giving up...

But I made it and I finished:)

MTB Doubler

My MTB double race weekend wasn't actually as hard as I thought.

Well the Saturday race, wasn't my best performance, but lucky me, still made second.

Sunday, I raced in Independence, MO and fought myself through the mud onto the 1st podium spot...yeah!

Both race results were good enough to ensure that I am leading in both race series.

This is a first: a double XC Race weekend!
Saturday: Lewis&Clark in Council Bluffs and
Sunday: Landahl, KS

We will see, how I will do....more later

race blog

You probably wonder, why I started another blog.
This one is dedicated to my race season.
I am trying to keep track of all the races that I WANT to do. I know that there are more out there.
And please let me know if you hear of a races that might be of interest for me.
I'd like to do more road races...
And then, I want to write a bit about the races and write down the results.
Finally, I hope to be able to report about my progress, maybe upgrades,etc.,...

Right now, I am racing mainly XC MTB, but like I said, I want to get into road racing and I want to do some endurance MTB!

Until then, I ride and race: one pedal stroke at a time!

more info

I sat down this morning and dug out all my race schedules, at least the ones, I know of at this point. I am always up for more:) So if you know about a race that I missed, please let me know.
And if you have the same races on your schedule, I will be happy to see you there and race with you:)

This blog is still under construction, so it doesn't have all the info on it yet, but I will get there soon, bare with me:)
This is mainly my little race diary, to keep track of my results and upcoming events.

I decided to start my own race blog, to keep track of my race schedule, race events, races happenings, pictures, results and so on.
It is also a help to keep all my results together in case I want to join a team....

Right now, I am in talk with a good friend of mine to design me my own race jersey:) and shorts hopefully.

Then, I would start my own team!

Until then, I will keep pedaling


my mascot

my race horse

THOR's new Banner
3rd place and I am proud of it!

Martin spraying me with beer as I come through the finish:)
Three First Places in the Heartland Series

Crowder Crank 'N' Cruise

Norfolk, NE

Norfolk, NE

Start of my first road race

Start of my first TT, Norfolk, NE

Perry, KS

My First Race Win

races 2007

Psycowpath Nebraska MTB Series:

7. April Tranquility Tire Tantrum (XC)
5. May Swanson River Shootout (XC) got rained out
12.May Platte River Battle Royale (Marathon)
20.May Swanson River Shootout (XC)
2. June Lewis&Clark Kanesville Krusher (XC)
23.June Ponca's Revenge (Marathon)
7. July Manawa Moutain Bike Mayhem (XC)
11.August Maskenthine XC Classic
25.August Swanson Xtreme, XC State ChampionShip

Heartland Mountain Bike Championship Series

3. May Perry Lake State Park Crocodile Rock (XC)
3. June Landahl Park Reserve Kansas City Cup (XC)
16. June Crowder State Park, Crank 'n' Cruise (XC) Iowa Race Series:
1. July Landahl Park Reserve, Truman's Big Love (XC)

Firecracker 50

4th of July Breckenridge, CO Marathon


19. May Elkhorn TT Nebraska State Championships

26.-28. May Monumental Memorial Cycling Weekend Gage County Road Race

9./10.June Norfolk Classic OMINUM

Races in Iowa

race results

7. April Tranquility Tire Tantrum (XC) Psycowpath Beginner Women 2nd
3. May Crocodile Rock (XC) HMBCS Beginner Women 1st
6. May Camp Ingawanis (XC), Waverly, IA Beginner Women 2nd
12.May Platte River Battle Royale 6 Hours Marathon Women Open 3rd
20.May Swanson River Shootout (XC) Beginner Women 1st
2. June Lewis&Clark Kanesvile Krusher (XC) Beginner Women 2nd
3. June Kansas City Cup, Independence, MO (XC) Beginner Women 1st
16. June Crank 'n' Cruise, Trenton, MO (XC) Beginner Women 1st

New Blog. New Post

I decided to start my own race blog, to keep track of my race schedule, race events, races happenings, pictures, results and so on.
It is also a help to keep all my results together in case I want to join a team....

Right now, I am in talk with a good friend of mine to design me my own race jersey:) and shorts hopefully.

Then, I would start my own team!

Until then, I will keep pedaling

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