Metro! MTB Challenge

Since Landahl rained out, did Martin and I decide to do the MetrO! MTB Challenge
No points, just for fun. So instead of raising beginner, I signed up for sport. Two laps.
One rider in my class Cindy McNeill. She is fast. Rides with her husband all the time.
Start goes OK. Little cue up on the first roots and then I let her pass. She is faster and I don't have the "spark" today to fight. I just want to get through those two laps. Without technical problems and without physical problems. I slow the pace down enough, so I can keep it up. I have gotten faster and it is easier to keep a faster pace.
By the end of the second lap, I ride up to Cindy who had pulled over and turns out had a flat. I tried to fix it for her but it didn't work. I offered her my bike but she wouldn't take it, so I rode off, not feeling too happy about me leaving her behind when I see Kevin ride back to find her to deliver a new bike. A few moment later and she is back on track...
By that time, I am putting my after burners on, chain on the big chain ring and I am going for it...
and I win...yeah!
Afterwards, Martin asked me how it went and I said, karma helped me win this race. I did something good and karma gave me back and let me win!! Thanks...


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