races 2007

Psycowpath Nebraska MTB Series:

7. April Tranquility Tire Tantrum (XC)
5. May Swanson River Shootout (XC) got rained out
12.May Platte River Battle Royale (Marathon)
20.May Swanson River Shootout (XC)
2. June Lewis&Clark Kanesville Krusher (XC)
23.June Ponca's Revenge (Marathon)
7. July Manawa Moutain Bike Mayhem (XC)
11.August Maskenthine XC Classic
25.August Swanson Xtreme, XC State ChampionShip

Heartland Mountain Bike Championship Series

3. May Perry Lake State Park Crocodile Rock (XC)
3. June Landahl Park Reserve Kansas City Cup (XC)
16. June Crowder State Park, Crank 'n' Cruise (XC) Iowa Race Series:
1. July Landahl Park Reserve, Truman's Big Love (XC)

Firecracker 50

4th of July Breckenridge, CO Marathon


19. May Elkhorn TT Nebraska State Championships

26.-28. May Monumental Memorial Cycling Weekend Gage County Road Race

9./10.June Norfolk Classic OMINUM

Races in Iowa


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